Bozen, Italy
Design competition for the architectonical valorization of a hot water storage tower
Client: ecotherm

Collaborator: Arch. Anton Pramstrahler
Stud. Arch. Maximilian Kompatscher
Typology:industry building
Type of construction:wood construction

The architectural revalue of a water storage parts from a simple idea, to ensure a good accessibility for maintenance the tower throughout the year: a ramp with a constant slope of 5% is spread along the front of the tank. It is a completely independent structure from the insulated walls in a structural point of view: in fact the 10 steel pillars run at a distance of 20 cm from the coating. The ramp is 1.20 m wide and one can walk even pulling a cart with tools or command a small electric pallet truck. The slope choice would also allow a disabled person to constantly monitor the status of the water storage.
This idea of easy and effective vertical movement we've added a form of expression : the ramps as if guided by a centrifugal force deform and create terraces that run along the 400 m of the ramp that leads up to the roof .
The dynamic movement is double: the profile of the ramp changes in height and width. So the outer edge becomes a container with different depths that accompanies the ascending ramp and contains sufficient earth to allow the growth of shrubs. The outer part of the container of the container is covered with moss and climbing plants, plants that do not need maintenance and have the ability to filter fine dust from the air and absorb noises.
The centrifugal energy also leads to the radial movements of the fireplace: they develop small areas on which plants can grow or even harbor windmills.
On the cover is installed a solar energy system. The photovoltaic and wind turbines are not limited to an aesthetic or symbolic value, but are designed in such a way as to produce enough energy to operate both hydraulic pumps for the watering of plants and the lighting. The new tower ecotherm plan resembles the sun, as its protrusions of solar storms.

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