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Völs am Schlern (BZ)
14 new appartments
Typology:multiple dwelling
Type of construction:mixed construction
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The competition involved the construction of 14 appartments in an expansion area of Fié allop Scillar.
The required apartments in various sizes, of 50, 75 and 90 square meters, were placed in only two buildings in order to have a reduced consumption of land, be able to manage the volumes with only two stairwells and at the same time have housing with an optimal exposure, taking advantage of the orientation of the housing units either towards the south-west or towards the view of the Sciliar.
The staggering of the two volumes makes it possible to create private green areas in front of the apartments on the ground floor and to obtain a common green space open to the south and shielded from traffic noise.
The architecture of the two buildings reinterprets in a modern key the typical alpine houses of Fié allo Sciliar, seeking a coherence between materials and forms of the existing architecture. The large windows with different sizes follow an architectural game that recalls the functions of the rooms behind. The windows capture light, energy and views at the Sciliar.

Harald Kofler
Andrea Favale
Julia Thaler

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