At the beginning there is the builder

At first

the desire for one’s own four walls, the dream of a welcoming home, the need for a place to work willingly, the need for a new face, the call of a human scale city.

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Arch.Manuel Benedikter Srls
Via Dodiciville 11, 39100 Bolzano (I)


+39 0471 050707


+39 0471 050708



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Our Location

Bolzano is on the A22, Brenner`s highway, an important link between northern and southern Europe.

The city is easily accessible by train and has its own airport.

The office is at Via Dodiciville 11 in the pedestrian zone of Bolzano.

There are several public car parks just a 5-minute walk from our office:

  • Parkhotel Mondschein parking
  • Walthergarage parking
  • Bozen Mitte parking
  • Laurin parking
  • Bus station parking


Architecture conceived as a process

Traditionally in search of the new
Traditionally in search
of the new
Rediscover the tested
the tested
Putting new things together harmoniously
Putting new things
together harmoniously
Comfortable energy efficiency
energy efficiency
Open windows and doors to the sun