In the beginning there is...

the blank slate

the desire for one’s own four walls, the dream of a welcoming home, the need for a place to work willingly, the need for a new architectural face, the call of a human scale city.

...the importance...

of understanding the wishes and needs of our customers with dialogue, advising them, answering at their questions and finding solutions.
Making wishes and dreams come true should be fun!
Building should be a pleasure for everyone involved in the construction. create...

energy efficient buildings.

In the project development, the focus is on energy efficiency and sustainability, cheap materials, careful treatment of nature and landscape, people, place, whole, village and city.

...with our C-factor

Customer proximity,
Cost certainty,

Completed projects

residential building
ClimateHouse: A nature
Photo by PREFA/Giacomo Podetti


Architecture conceived as a process

Traditionally in search of the new
Traditionally in search
of the new
Rediscover the tested
the tested
Putting new things together harmoniously
Putting new things
together harmoniously
Comfortable energy efficiency
energy efficiency
Open windows and doors to the sun