New Building

Thinking about an idea, communicating it with private and public clients, discussing with one’s own team, administrations and construction companies, up to giving shape to the architectural project.
The creative and constructive process must be carried out in a shared way and on several scales, from urban planning to details.
What emerges is an envelope that takes characteristics determined by the place in which it is inserted, therefore by geography and materials, by time, the history of the environment and the moment in which it will be built, and by people who will influence choices.

Photo by PREFA/Giacomo Podetti
residential building
ClimateHouse: -
residential building
ClimateHouse: A nature
Photo by PREFA/Giacomo Podetti
residential building, landscape protection
ClimateHouse: A
residential building
ClimateHouse: -
detached house
ClimateHouse: Gold nature
The project was carried out together with the engineer Paolo Veggetti.
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