Final result
Gais, South Tyrol, Italy
8 Apartments renovation

Energy renovation of 8 social housing duplex apartments located in Gais.
Facedes Re-design and external spaces reorganization.

Client: WOBI

Arch. Harald Kofler
Arch. Silvio Grasso
Arch. Alberto Buso
Typology:multiple dwelling
Type of construction:mixed construction
Final result

The project is an energetic requalification of a residential building complex consisting of 8 flats of social housing in the municipality of Gais.
The aim of the project was the energetic requalification and the architectural redesign of the entire building. After its renovation, the entire building was to comply with the “CasaClima” quality certificate standard B.
The measures for energy renovation included the installation of a 20 cm thick composite thermal insulation system made of rock wool on the exterior walls, the insulation of the roof and basement ceiling, the replacement of all windows, staircase and entrance doors and the complete renewal of the roof covering.

For the planning team, this project presented two challenges:
On the one hand, special care had to be taken to plan the technically correct and, if possible, thermal-bridge-free execution of the envisaged energy renovation measures; on the other hand, it was a particular concern of ours to give the residential complex a contemporary and high-quality appearance in addition to the technical requirements.

The special feature of the project lies above all in the striking roof covering made of standing seam sheet metal, in which the ridge and eaves ends were designed as a circumferential verge band. This becomes the main element of design and, like a circumferential meander, merges into canopies and balcony cladding, renewing the façades visually and architecturally.

A rich red - based on the logo of the social housing institute - was chosen as the colour for all sheet metal roofing, giving the building a new identity.
The colour scheme of the remaining parts of the building is deliberately restrained and reduced to give the heterogeneous housing complex a uniform appearance.

The flats themselves were not changed in their structural substance; only the balconies were extended for better use and the existing, massive concrete railings were replaced by new steel railings.

The planning measures carried out made it possible to give the housing complex a higher degree of living comfort and an architectural quality that is high for social housing.

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Clima house certificate
Clima house certificate

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Final result - Photo by Messe, Marco Parisi
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