Caponago MB, provincia di Monza e della Brianza, Italy

Industrial building energy renovation
Typology:industry building
Type of construction:mixed construction

The project of the new Trocellen Italy S.p.a headquarters it consists in the energy requalification of the building and in the enlargement of the existing establishment with the insertion of a last floor used for meeting places, but also for free time.
It is planned a new gym and a lunch place for employers. All interior spaces dedicated to the offices were re-modulated alternating private offices and meeting rooms.
The renovated facades are characterized with a skin composed by new fixtures masked by micro-perforated sliding panels and an integrated vertical green system.
The building redesigned in functions and in the new relationship with the city, is characterized both as a productive fulcrum that as an educational volume, thanks to its new casing that reduces the presence of smog near the existing school.

Client: Trocellen S.p.a

Collaborator: Arch. Alberto Buso

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Final result - Photo by Messe, Marco Parisi
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