Bolzano (BZ)
Fair Square Competition

Alberto Buso
Harald Kofler
Andrea Favale
Type of construction:mixed construction

Urban design concept
One of the features of Bolzano South industrial area is the lack of squares and open spaces. The industrial area have been abandoned, and despite the thousands of jobs and the many commuters who visit and use this quarter daily, there is a lack of a attractive places.
The new exhibition center responds to this problem and become the new innovation district center of Bolzano South.

Design concept:
If you are coming from the train station, you will immediately see the main fair entrance, the space was topographically shaped, thinking to pedestrian directions and movements, making an easy orientation.
The furniture grows up from the ground and it always gives a view to the fair entrance. The new flooring unifies and characterizes the new space, connecting it with the ticket office, entrance hall and courtyard.
The existing staircases from the underground car park are covered with Corten steel rods, these new small volumes are at the same time transparent protection structures against vandalism, bicycle parking spaces and landmarks.
The Corten can also be found in the design of the fair facades: a steel frame placed in front of the concrete colonnades, combined with a network of steel ropes, holds advertising and display boards.
This information façade starts at the station, and runs across the entrance and fair street facades to the Sheraton (and MEC). The fair can use these areas for its own communication or also leasing them as advertising space. In this grid, also flowerboxes are designed at different heights, from which different clipers types climb up the steel cables. The green information facade changes with the different seasons, giving the place a new, friendly, constantly changing character.
The place is unified by a uniform resin flooring in sand and concrete look, depending on the function (seating islands and free space). Only the central, flexibly usable exhibition zones are highlighted by a floor covering in natural stone slabs.

In the end, we can say the Messeplatz, is permeated by a uniform design language. The result is a new communications zone, a public square that will give identity to the fair, the Bolzano South area and the city of Bolzano.

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