Termeno (BZ)
Firehouse and Termeno music band design Competition
Typology:public building
Type of construction:mixed construction

The competition subject is the design of a new building for Termeno firemen and their concert band. The competition aim is the most functional and economical arrangement of building uses and the most economical integration of the building with the ground. The building itself is designed to make the internal uses readble from the outside through its dynamic shape showing them in a contemporary and simple way.

Environment insertion:
The main choise to put the building parallel to the Wine road, allows a very functional division of the fire department and the optimal arrangement of the emergency vehicles exits. Due to its orientation the internal function is clearly visible from outside. The conning position directly opposite to the main exit allows an optimal vehicles overview and the widest viewing angle across the street. This can reduce road traffic interference and maximize safety.

The band and car parking are located in the building basement. This setting exploit the natural slope of the ground and so a part of the building can be realized underground. Especially taking into account the wine road perspective, by the large distance between the fire station to the street, this building shape minimize landscape visual interference.
The citizens band is located under the fire station and its clearly readable from outside. The main orientation and the citizens band entrance are oriented to the valley to the south side.
The entire citizens band is offset inwards to the fire station above and stands out clearly from the fire department due to the different materialos choice. Lateral incisions in the building basement, cleary separated from the citizens band from firemen garage and they mark the main firestation entrance.
The citizen's band has a wood fasade that makes the builnding nicer . The wood was used becasuse it has acoustic properties (instruments are also in wood) and so it´s linked with the internal uses of this building portion. The outside wood can be found also inside as an acoustic covering on ceilings and walls.
The fire station arrangement on the southeast side towards the wine route allows a good visibility and recognition value to the building from the wine road.

Alberto Buso
Harald Kofler

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