Competition Cableway Jenesien (BZ)

Harald Kofler
Alberto Buso
Rudi Zancan
Typology:public building
Type of construction:mixed construction

The Competition Subject is the project of two new buildings for the Bozen-Jenesien Cableway stations. The structures, realized by Studio Benedikter in collaboration with Arch. Rudi Zancan, are characterized by the connection between a massive, clear and straight building with the cableway technical volume. The bottom and top station structures are made in fair-faced concrete finish, divided with big and linear openings/windows. The important design element of mountain and valley station is the cover of the cable-way technology with a curtain wall made with perforated sheeting in cor-ten-steel. The holes pattern of the sheet metal façade makes the structure transparent, lightness and brightness. Timeless materials and the shape contemporary language characterize the stations and they put the buildings in connection with the natural landscape. The most important part of the project is the traffic concept and the urban design, which blend together with the existing environment.

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