Pineta di Laives, South Tyrol, Italy
Construction of a single-family home.
Client: privat

Arch. Marco Ricca
Arch. Matthias Bernard
Typology:detached house
Type of construction:mixed construction

The project consists of the new construction of a two-storey single-family residence in Pineta di Laives.
The intervention area consists of a slope surrounded on two sides by a low-traffic road.
The building will be built in the north-west part, the highest of the lot, away from the road and will be accessible both from the garage in the basement and from a pedestrian ramp with access from the north-east end of the lot facing the city centre.
The garage, an office and the technical rooms will be located in the basement, while the real house will develop on the upper floors with the living area on the ground floor open to the front garden and the sleeping area on the first floor.
The pitched roof in aluminum shingles which, rotating in the corners, frames the fronts of the first floor gives a modern and distinctive character to the architecture of the building, making it stand out from the surrounding context.
The south and east sides are the most open where large windows and a loggia marked by slender pillars on the facade illuminate all the main rooms of the house.
The building will be almost entirely made of wood, with a wood fiber insulation frame structure, a wooden roof with exposed beams and X-lam laminated wood floors.

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