Bolzano, Italy
Design competition for the arrangement of Corso Libertà and Piazza Vittoria
in collaboration with:
Arch. Rudi Zancan and arch. Marco Masetti
Client: Municipality of Bolzano

Arch. Marco RIcca
Ing. Luca Molteni
Typology:public building
Type of construction:mixed construction
Sketch By Rudi Zancan

Piazza Vittoria is currently defined clearly on three sides by arcaded buildings, while the east side is more nuanced as it consists of the park that accompanies towards the monument and is marked right by the
height jump of about 70 cm between the paved surface of the square and the garden.
The design intervention proposes to give greater definition to this edge, with the construction of a shelter: a thin horizontal plane that hovering above the glazed volumes of the pedestrian exit of the garage provided, of the bar at the north end, of a warehouse where to store the elements for the layout of the square connects and incorporates them, as it does with one of the Atlantic cedars present. A sort of fourth side portico is thus created, which contrasts a language characterized by transparency and lightness with the massive and monumental one used by Piacentini. A sheltered place (also for exiting the garages, as required by the announcement) that acts as a connecting element with the park at the upper level, and the wide and comfortable ramp below, obtained in the space of the ventilation grates, allows overcome the jump in altitude and enter the park too with prams and pushchairs (now not possible).
The bar, located on the current North-West corner of the raised area of ​​the park, is in the best visible position for those traveling along Corso Libertà and thanks to the the fact that the envelope is expected to be entirely glazed, allows a glimpse of the park behind it and, when properly lit, it becomes a sort of attractive lantern in the evening.
The decking of the bar is at the level of the park and it is expected that in the rear part an auditorium with a permeable flooring (e.g. wooden slats) and tables can be set up: a pleasant and attractive, which invites citizens to enjoy this garden as well, as well as to discover the access to the exhibition "BZ '18 -'45" (it is planned to accompany the path up to the entrance to the crypt with illuminated panels).
The section has been sized so that steel cables (strands similar to those of ski lifts) can be stretched between one flagpole and the other and a second frame is clamped onto this main structure which then holds the elements of set-up: sheets, lights, lights or other.
The possibilities are the most diverse: covering with a large sheet of an area to be set up for a festival, or vice versa with several small sheets to divide the space into areas with different activities, setting up the lighting system for a sporting event or for a theatrical performance or simple decoration with illuminations.

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