Collalbo, Renon (BZ)
Energy rehabilitation through demolition and reconstruction, and installation of a heating and photovoltaic system in a house.
Client: Private

Arch. Marco Ricca
Typology:detached house
Type of construction:wood construction

he project involves demolition and reconstruction with expansion and installation of a heating and photovoltaic system.

The new building is located in a different position than the existing one in a point where the existing natural terrain has a change in elevation. In this way, the natural shape of the land is exploited and excavation interventions for the positioning of the foundations and the basement are limited to a minimum.

The new building consists of two floors above ground where the residence rooms are located and a partially underground floor where the cellar and the technical room are located.

It is planned to construct the building with a wooden structure, base and load-bearing structure in reinforced concrete, and floors above ground with X-lam load-bearing walls. The facades will be clad in wood, the roofing in brown aluminum sheets to better preserve the part of the building most exposed to bad weather and snow.
The entrance pergola will have a green roof and an intrados made of wooden slats.
A photovoltaic system is planned which will be integrated into the roof.

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Photo: Sonia Garbelli Photography
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