Meran, Italy
Demolition and Reconstruction of a typical rural building, the "maso"
Client: Private

Arch. Marco Ricca
Typology:residential building
Type of protection:landscape protection
Type of construction:mixed construction

In this project, a house in a farm is demolished and rebuilt to be able to host its owners again.

The new building is partially located in the grounds of the existing building in a rotated position.
The new location of the building is due to the need to improve and harmonize agricultural and housing human activity with the surrounding landscape and existing topography.
The rotation and displacement of the new farmhouse allow to improve the healthiness of the living spaces that in the existing building were in contact with the ground, humid and with significant infiltrations due to direct contact of the walls with the ground.

After a period of non-use, the building returns to being a farm inhabited by a young farmer and with this also the path of agricultural vehicles is refined, the entrance to the deposit of agricultural vehicles is kept in the vicinity of the cultivated area as well as all the lines main transit.
The residence seeks a harmonious layout of the plant, rotating the living area to the south and towards the sun, for this reason the ground floor is positioned at a slightly higher altitude than the existing one.
The new project intends to improve integration with the context by reusing dry stone walls and harmoniously arranging the new areas dedicated to the vegetable garden and cultivation. The cultivation of vegetables, and fruit are part of the agricultural activity necessary to support the family.

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