Merano (BZ),
Renovation of an apartment with internal insulation of an apartment on the top floor of a residential building.
Client: private

Collaborator: Arch. Marco Ricca
Typology:residential building
Type of construction:mixed construction

The project involves the renovation of an apartment and redevelopment of the attic rooms.
The goal is to adapt the existing apartment to the needs of the new family who will live in it and improve the energy efficiency of the apartment located on the third and fourth floor of a residential building built in the 1960s.

The kitchen area located between the living room and dining area becomes the central nucleus of the apartment, the bright and airy heart where the social and daily life of the family develops.
The intervention involves the insulation of all the attic rooms with natural materials, the replacement of the fixtures and the renovation of all the systems, providing underfloor heating in all the rooms.

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