Final result
Capolago/Varese, italy
New building.
Client: privat

Collaborator: Arch. Simone Cordara
Typology:residential building
Type of construction:mixed construction
Final result

The residential building of the project is configured as a compact body perfectly oriented north-south axis to maximize and minimize the cabinet surfaces as well , already with the geometry saving energy. The plan of the residential building is formed by a rectangle and double-pitched roof is recovering the characteristics of the place. The deliberate asymmetry of windows highlights the different functions of the rooms behind them , and their relative importance within the " system of the home". On the other hand with framed windows wants to take one of the classic elements of architecture both urban and rural . The colors used for plastering have been taken from the table of range lands recovering colors typical of Lombard architecture . The building does not want to impose itself on the site, but conversely it absorbs the essential elements and turning them into meta- architecture simple but not banal , a synthesis between tradition and function, between "place" and technology .

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PROJECT_Luftbild photo by Andrea Dal Prato
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