Pardatsch (TN)
Renovation of an apartment
Client: Private

Arch. Marco Ricca
Typology:residential building
Type of construction:mixed construction

The existing building was built before 1860 and has particular historical, volumetric and constructive characteristics.
The two main façades (north-west and south-east) have an evident compositional character of the façade with aligned openings, arranged with regular scanning over the entire façade, of uniform colors and materials.
The project involves the renovation of the existing environment on the attic floor, making internal changes aimed at obtaining habitable and usable spaces as an apartment.

It is proposed to create an outdoor terrace at the same level as the apartment and within the existing volume, which allows you to illuminate the bedroom and all the rooms in the living area, giving the perception of a much larger and more airy space.
The great height of the central part of the apartment allows the introduction of a large mezzanine that acts as a connecting element for all the rooms and, in the central part, can become an additional playroom/office

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