Photo by Marion Lafogler
Schenna (BZ)
Partial demolition of an agricultural building and construction of a new residential building

Eng. Nicoló Cerulli
Typology:residential building
Type of construction:mixed construction
Existing conditions

The approved project involves the renovation of a barn through its partial demolition and the new construction of a dwelling for the owner of the farm. In addition, the agricultural garage is enlarged to house the machinery necessary for the management of the land on the farm.
The future farmhouse is modelled on the owner's needs so as to allow for every need related to farm management. The new building, on 3 levels, blends harmoniously with the architecture of the old farmhouse also thanks to the space created by the forecourt in front of the new agricultural garage. The architecture of the building fits perfectly into the inhabited context and maintains a high construction quality in order to obtain Klimahaus A certification.
All rooms and the living room, which open towards Meran, are positioned in a spatial structure that allows natural light to flood the spaces, giving the flat a special and unique quality and atmosphere.

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Photo by Marion Lafogler
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