Prati di Gries - wooden residential building

Bozen, Italy
Design competition for the construction of a multi-storey wooden residential building
in partnership with:
Hermann Kaufmann + Partner ZT, Schwarzach (AT)
Merz Kley + Partner, Dornbirn (AT)

Client: IPES

Arch. Marco Ricca
Ing. Luca Molteni
Type of construction:
residential building
A nature
wood construction
The appearance of the wooden skyscraper is characterized in the base area by the planted pergola in front of the wood-clad common rooms, by the green loggias at the corners of the volume and by the hanging garden.
The building consists of a central access nucleus made of reinforced concrete, around which there are four apartments per floor in wooden construction.
The absence of maintenance and the easy accessibility of the green fa├žade areas are decisive in the choice and formation of the vegetation. The two-story base area can easily be maintained from the ground floor. The green roof is accessible only to the residents of the house and will be maintained by the gardeners of the housing institution. The drinking troughs are already incorporated into the precast concrete parapets of the logs and can be used by the tenants. The facades are clad with rear-ventilated aluminum elements, whose vertical junction pattern, together with the planting of the loggias, visually connects the two green areas of the facade. The verticality of the wooden skyscraper is further emphasized by the choice of vertical window formats.
The concept of the compact residential high-rise building with different floor plans for various needs is an energy-saving and long-lasting planning approach. The construction of the wooden system with predominantly prefabricated components is energetically favorable and saves resources.
The set-up and duration of the construction site are reduced to a minimum, therefore as is the (acoustic) pollution of the living area.
The landscape project already approved and funded will not be modified. The entire play area to the east of the building and the permeable paved areas will be maintained. The two green islands in front of the two arcaded facades of the building, on the other hand, will be redesigned as an inviting and representative square area.