House Macorí

Livigno (SO)
Consulting Project for energy certification KlimaHaus
Innovation, tradition and hospitality come together in this highly energy-efficient building.
You will live in a "Near Zero Energy Building" (nZEB) that has very low energy requirements.
The little energy needed is produced from sustainable sources from solar systems for the production of electricity and domestic hot water.
The energy required for heating the rooms is largely covered by a geothermal heat pump located below the building and which exploits the thermal inertia of the ground.
The high efficiency sought translates into high comfort for users who, inside, can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere thanks to underfloor heating and always fresh air through a system of controlled mechanical ventilation with heat recuperator.
The building uses almost 40% water less thanks to a rainwater recovery system which allows it to be recycled for non-drinking uses such as draining toilets or irrigation of green areas.
As evidence of the goals achieved, the building has been certified by the ClimateHouse Agency with a double certification:

CasaClima Gold Class that demonstrates the achievement of the highest goal in terms of energy savings and reduction of the use of fossil fuels.

CasaClima Welcome certifies the sustainability and healthiness of the materials used for the construction of the entire building as well as the high standards of comfort achieved by the interior.

Alessandro Bernardi
Michaela Greifenegg