Bozen (BZ),
Technical and economic feasibility study for the project of a "NOI-Bigwood" wooden tower
Client: Noi Techpark, Unibz

Ing. Luca Molteni
Type of construction:
administration building
wood construction
The Bigwood project arose from the need of NOI Techpark research company in cooperation with the Free University of Bolzano to increase their number of workplaces for researchers to 50 units. For this purpose, a temporary building made of wood was to be planned, which would be manufactured using innovative construction techniques.
The feasibility study prepared by the office of Manuel Benedikter presented three different design alternatives to the client in order to minimise construction costs without compromising the comfort and quality of the spaces.
BIM software was used to model the "Bigwood" project. This working method allowed complete control over the geometry and quantities. Furthermore, it shortened the period of planning by optimising the exchange of information with structure and facility planners.