Renon (BZ)

New design that links with the surrounding natural environment,
integrating the construction with the lay of the land.

Client: private
Collaborator: Ing. Nicoló Cerulli
Typology:residential building
Type of construction:mixed construction

The project is located on a longitudinal and steeply site, which suggests a design of functional and organic architecture.
The new construction consists of two blocks developed on a single level and staggered between them. An underground basement served by a new driveway ramp provides independent access to the property and connects directly to the flats. One green roof, accessible from the central staircase, connects the building to the slope, becoming its natural continuation.
The power of the new architecture lies in its connection with the surrounding natural environment: the design focus was on integrating the entire building with the landform, making modern, functional architecture dialogue with its natural surroundings, opening up to the exceptional panorama of the Dolomites.

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