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Apartment B&P

Bolzano, South Tyrol, Italy
Apartment renovation
Client: private

Type of construction:
mixed construction
The apartment is located in a 60s building in Bolzano.
Before the renovation, the accommodation consisted in a central corridor in ā€œLā€ shaped ", from which the various rooms were reached.
In order to meet the new needs of the clients, the project completely reconsidered the previous internal division, in which the corridor took up a lot of space. The entire space organization was renewed. Now the whole apartment develops around a central piece of furniture, a multifunctional cube in durmast oak with a multitude of functions and facets, which visually and objectively divides day and night areas.
Thanks to the kitchen displacement, which was previously in another small room of only 8 square meters, the living area is now a large open space. Living room and kitchen are put together in a large open scape, but thanks to the cutom-made furniture with big sliding doors in durmast oak, they can be split at any time.
The essential and linear furniture, made up mainly of white and wood, give modernity, but at the same time a family warmth to the new apartment.
Everything is designed down to the last detail to create primarily a home for living, but also a design object which reflects the materials and peculiarities and South Tyrolean tradition.
Not only the aesthetic aspects played an important role; the energetic renovation of the apartment was one of the wishes of the clients.
On the outside walls of the entire apartment, an internal insulation made of calcium silicate panels with a thickness of 6 cm was realized..
All windows and doors have been replaced by high quality elements. To regulate temperature, humidity and air quality, a ventilation system was installed.
This new project plays a pioneering role in terms of the new energy standards, offering dynamism, functionality and, above all, a better quality of living.
An architecture which combines design, energy savings and client wishes.

Collaborator: Arch. Federico Compagnino