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Restructuring Mairhof

Restructuring Mairhof

Partschins, South Tyrol, Italy
Reorganisation of an historic residential house.
Type of construction:
mixed construction
History (building under protection)
The building is already mentioned in some documents in 1357, after several changes of ownership, around 1500 it suffered a serious fire. At this time the current form of composition is traced with the construction of the two embattled fronts grafted onto the late Gothic facades with the precise presence of frescoed areas (south-east fa├žade).

A careful review and re-editation of both internal and external spaces were made. Even in the various meetings with the historical superintendency, both general and specific indications emerged that bring the structure back to its original state.
The project, through a careful and sensitive evaluation make a re-functionalizing of spaces and a make coexistation between needs of preserving the historical character of the building.
In this context, the new interventions should also be understood, like the realization of an appartment for holydays in the basement, close to the cellar, the realization of a winery and the realization of two apartments in the restored attic.

Client: private
Collaborator: Silvio Grasso